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An initiative to break down the psycho-social walls towards people suffering from mental disorders, through art.

Also this year Lundbeck Italy is a spokesperson to raise public awareness on the issue of mental health, with the aim of breaking down the psycho-social and relational walls that still exist in relation to people living with mental disorders. It does so through art and through the donation of works directly from Italian artists. The most voted will be awarded and put up for sale. The proceeds will be offered to charity.


For me, art has been and is therapy.


I spread my soul on the canvas, in a liquid and colored stream of consciousness. In the circle that I create my worlds, worlds where I focus my energies, my emotions. A dimension where time seems to slow down, where the noise stops, where the body and soul are light.


The mind also becomes light. But it is not only a place where I take refuge, it is also the space where I make my emotions, my visions, my dreams live and vibrate.

Bound 25% of the world population is diagnosed with psychiatric disease: depression, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia and anxiety disorders are the most common. Following a serious loss and a traumatic event, my mind also faced moments of fatigue.


Bound To make this work for People in Mind, which I called "In Our World", I thought a lot about the feelings of loneliness, isolation, fear, loss, total loss of one's will, of control over one's body, of one's mind. And I thought of these sensations amplified to the nth degree, especially when combined with a daily experience of stigmatization.


In ancient Greece, the "stigma" was the mark, the sign imprinted with hot iron on animals or slaves. An indelible mark, which spoke of you even before words could. Before any action could do it.

I thought of different colors: first white, then black, red.

But it is on the blue that my hand stopped.

Blue, the color of the unconscious. An unconscious that often screams, in total silence.

Which is often chaotic in its absolute stillness.

An unconscious that crushes with its pachydermic heaviness, but which can fly and hover

at the same time, light as a feather. Bound There are wounds that are not seen and they are

the deepest ones.


Those who tear through our defenses, our control, our self-esteem.

Those that are often not treated, precisely for fear of being accused as "crazy".

And this, in 2022, is unacceptable. Bound We must teach, educate, make it clear that we all have a

multidimensional constitution. Not only physical, but also emotional, mental, soul. We are an integrated,

interconnected and complex unit. Every scar, especially if traumatic, breaks the communication network

that unites every cell and every organ in the body. We must not only heal the scars of the body, but also take

care of those that are not seen: the scars of the soul, mind and heart.


Bound The work is called "In Our World" and is an acrylic on wood, diameter 30 cm and edge 3.5 cm.

The finish of the work is made of perfect, glossy transparent resin.

A mirror that contains within itself all the emotions of "In Our World". Crystallize the here and now in an endless instant.

On the one hand it creates protection, on the other a clear separation from reality: the two worlds do not touch, do not intersect, do not understand each other, do not speak to each other. It is up to us, all of us, to allow him to communicate.

Understanding, inclusion, closeness, love can make a difference.

We can always make a difference.


Do you want to vote my work to make it go to the final?

Click here! The most voted works will be awarded!

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