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Love that moves the Sun and the other Stars

Love that moves the Sun and the other Stars

SKU: 300421/TA

Do you feel how it burns? How does it feel alive? It can be scary when it explodes in all its force. And then we make it deposit slowly, in our inner sea.

But it continues to burn, tears open the defenses of the heart and leaves us unprotected.

It flows through the veins, healing the wounds.

We are made of the love we have given and received, that eternal love that does not know how to snatch death from you. This is the love that moves the sun and the other stars.


Technique: Acrylic on wooden panel

Dimensions: diameter 120 cm, depth 4.5 cm

Serial Number:  300421 / TA

Each work is provided with a certificate of authenticity, signature  on the back and sealing wax stamp with the artist's initials.

  • Indications for Storage

    This work is entirely handmade, with high quality acrylic colors.

    The finish is glossy and protects the work from UV rays, giving the colors even more light and brilliance.

    It is advisable to dust the work often, through the use of a soft brush and possibly made with natural bristles. This avoids the accumulation of dust which would risk impoverishing the strength of the colors and materials.

    It is not recommended to store the work near heat sources and in direct contact with sunlight.

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