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Everithing is One

Everithing is One

SKU: #28082021/TAT

Everything is energy, we are energy.

An energy that runs through our body and keeps it alive.
We are immersed in its sea, intimately connected: what happens to one, immediately affects the others, regardless of the distance that separates them.

An energy that leaves our body, to return to the Whole that generated it.
A Whole that welcomes it anew and countless times before detaching itself from it, again and again.

Return to flow in space and time, to find new ways. Roads that intertwine, that touch, on infinite paths, like invisible threads of light, in a continuous journey.

Then death does not exist. Death is a change of shape and combinations.
We do not die, our energy continues to live and vibrate among the infinite meshes of an uninterrupted network.

That is why we are ONE. That is why All is One.


Acrylic on wooden panel and resin finish.


Central panel, diameter 80 cm, edge height 5.5 cm

Medium panels, diameter 47 cm, edge height 4.5 cm

Small panels, diameter 30 cm, edge height 3.5 cm


Serial number, signature and sealing wax stamp