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CAM - Catalogue of Modern Art


How to orient yourself in the world of art and collecting Born as a tool to find your way around the world of collecting, the Catalog of Modern Art has over the years become the most important editorial reference for artists, gallery owners, critics, curators, collectors and art enthusiasts.

I have been collaborating for almost a year now with Teelent, a team of art lovers whose mission is to help contemporary creativity to emerge. They select the best Italian and international artists and ensure that their talent is known and recognized, that it is usable by all and spread without filters. Thanks to Teelent, my profile was presented to the CAM artistic commission and I was chosen to be published in number 58 of the 2022 edition, as an exponent of Italian and international modern art. ​
A great gift that I proudly invite you to share with me flipping through the pages of this immense and prestigious catalogue.

A bit of history ​
Taken over at the end of the 1970s by Giorgio Mondadori together with the monthly magazine Arte, since 1999 the Catalog of Modern Art - CAM - has been published under the Editoriale Giorgio Mondadori brand within the Cairo group, becoming the longest-running genre publication in Italy. CAM has always been considered the yearbook that best defines the relationship with the contemporary Italian art market thanks to the wealth of information, with over 900 artists presented in alphabetical order, the images documenting their most recent production, exhibition activities, references, awards auction, market evaluations, biographical and critical notes. In addition, the pages, color inserts and thematic dossiers dedicated to photography and plastic art enrich the CAM with lively and original contents, making consultation more pleasant and interesting.

​Catalogue of Modern Art n.58 (Year 2022)
With the painting I hide the night in the tower house (2020), Alfonso Borghi becomes the most celebrated artist in the history of the CAM: for him three covers (n. 41, 46 and 58), a prestigious achievement for a "Maestro deemed worthy - not by chance – to belong to the restricted circle of the greatest contemporaries”, as Giovanni Faccenda writes and as explained by Carlo Motta, Editorial Manager of the Catalogue. From this edition, the figure of Antonio Ligabue bursts among the Great Masters of the Italian twentieth century, a choice that rewards the story of a visionary genius capable of establishing a particular bond between his works and the observer.

introductory part contains some insights, with important anniversaries: two centuries ago Antonio Canova, the undisputed protagonist of Neoclassicism, died. Mario Guderzo, for years director of the Canova Museum in Possagno, the sculptor's birthplace, talks about it, while Daniela Brignone writes about Piet Mondrian and his artistic legacy, 150 years after his birth.
Among the other contributions in the initial part of the volume:
the relationship between photography and digital art (Alessia Locatelli), muralism as social painting (Claudia Trafficante), the Design Museum of Milan with Fortunato D'Amico's interview with the director Andrea Cancellato, the beautiful journey through some prestigious Italian Academies, by Antonella Sartori. Finally, after the two-year suspension due to the pandemic, the special dedicated to the Arte Prize is back.

The first section of the yearbook is dedicated to the Great Masters of the twentieth century including Balla, Burri, Carrà, de Chirico, Fontana, Modigliani, Rosai, Sironi, Vedova with the most important auction results of the last year, among which the performance by Fontana (Concetto spazio. Attese, 1965), sold for 11.2 million euros at Sotheby's New York and by Morandi (Natura morta, 1954) sold for over 3.4 million euros at Bonham's London.

second section presents the profiles of 900 artists, including that of Tiziana Adreani. Big names of modern and contemporary art, listed in order alphabetical with images that document its production and all the information necessary for a first viewing and for any contact, as well as exhibition activities, references, auction awards, market evaluations, biographical and critical notes.

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