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I pour my soul onto the canvas and what comes out is an inner vision, a real stream of liquid consciousness.

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Why choose my artworks


I often wonder what it means to be unique in a world where we have access to millions of possibilities, millions of inputs, hundreds of possible realities.


An abstract contemporary artwork does not have within itself immediate answers to the question "What does it represent?" or "What can it mean for me?".

But here is its real strength!


I literally pour my soul onto the canvas and what comes out of it, is an inner vision, a real stream of liquid consciousness. I blow with my mouth on the colors, I pour out my anxieties, my weaknesses, my fears, my love for life, for affections. I pour death, I pour life.


Only by totally disconnecting art from reality I can feel represented.

Only in this way, those who enjoy my art, can reflect themselves.

Not in a pre-established image, an image of the real, which requires a forced and unambiguous reading.

But they are reflected in my soul and in that soul they find theirs.


Art is completely detached from reality, it only represents itself and, in doing so, it represents the artist, it represents me. It represents in an atavistic and direct way those who look at it and who in that artwork finds an extension of their soul, of their emotions.

And that work becomes theirs. This is where the uniqueness of my work lies.

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Why the Circle?

Many ask me why I often paint on circular shapes.

In part it is a conscious choice and in part a totally instinctive impulse, a necessity.


Conscious because the choice of the circle is a precise aesthetic and expressive form.

The circle itself is perfect, it has no beginning, no end and everything that lives within its perimeter absorbs and reflects its perfection.

It allows me to organize within it and with harmony, the chaotic force of my emotions, often in opposition to each other.


It's an instinctive and unconscious choice for all that the circle, as a symbol, represents.

"In the circle I create my worlds, Worlds where I focus my energies, my emotions."

Protected places.

A bit like the maternal womb, a space in which we are already part of the World, but still in a personal, almost dreamlike, muffled dimension, between the real and the eternal, in constant evolution.

"By preparing the surfaces, taking care of them and painting them, the rational part of me almost totally indulges in

listening to the deepest Self."

Balance in the Circle

Getting in touch with my Self, I'am able to transform disorder into order, to achieve a sort of balance of opposites.

Opposites that for me are also real and metaphysical, two separate worlds, linked more than we can imagine.


It is in the circle that I take refuge when my breath is short, when my heart beats so strongly that it risks opening my chest, when the air is thin and the lungs don't seem to get enough oxygen.

A dimension where time seems to slow down, where the noise stops, where the body and soul are light. The mind also becomes light.


But it is not only a place where I take refuge, it is also the space where I pour my soul, where I make my visions, my dreams live and vibrate. 

I make them real, tangible.

"Looking at them on the canvas I see and ricognize them as real, I can observe them without judgement, accepting them for how they are, for how they arrive, for how they change over time."

By osmosis, even those who look at my artworks become part of my World. Even those who do not have the sensitivity or the ability to create, thus giving a direct voice to their Self, can cling to my visions and emotions and make them theirs. In this way they can find a new path on my path and perhaps build their own from mine.

On this journey they can feel their mind lighter and it will be easy to enter a natural state of meditation, order thoughts and feelings, give strength to creativity and to the ability to solve problems, to imagine and bring to light ideas, new projects.


This is because "in the circle man finds those strengths he has lost or does not remember possessing. The circular shape is the symbol from which everything was born. Through the circle, man can search for himself, protected at the same time from any external attack. Sheltered, in tranquility, he manages to see the central point, the source from which all the energies spring ”(C. G. Jung).

A protective circle that avoids "dispersion" and keeps worries caused by the outside away.

That allows a real change.

That radical change that leads to transformation.

Which leads to a birth, a rebirth, a real catharsis.



Art is a dimension that has always accompanied me, since I was a child and painted in the pottery class.

Then I grew up, I took a very different career path, I graduated and my career absorbed all my energies. For several years I have let my emotions and my creativity take a back seat, to make room for my life and work commitments.


But something unexpected happens, right in the middle of the happiest time of my life.

I gave birth to twins born very premature, weighing less than 1 kg each.

They remained in intensive care for a long time. Lorenzo, after almost 7 months, died, leaving an unbridgeable void in everyone's heart.


When life puts a strain on you and takes away a part of you, you can cry, despair, or you can bring out the best in you and make sense of so much suffering, a sense of loss and lack. And if the pain makes sense, then you can decide to live again.

I am back to being alive. I went back to painting, to fill my life with color.

We are overwhelmed by work, commitments, worries and we find ourselves not fully living our lives.

My artworks are not to be understood, they are to be felt on the skin.

As you feel the hot sand and run, run until you throw yourself into the fresh water of the sea.

Like when you look at the sky for a moment, in the silence of the night, and you lose yourself in the splendor of the moon and the stars and feel that shiver running down your spine; you feel alive and you feel, for a moment, as if you could touch the infinite.

I am an artist? Being an artist is not a simple label, it is a way of being , a way in which the world is seen, perceived and experienced. Being an artist is interpreting one's own emotions and those of others and putting them on the canvas; is  arouse emotions through color. If I succeed in this then yes, for that person and in that precise moment, I am an artist.  

I like to mix color, manipulate it, see it shine on the canvas.

Painting is the only way I know of to write my story .

A way to stay anchored to reality but with an eye that always looks towards infinity .

The ideal users of my artworks are the  dreamers , those who love to get lost in the details and in the overlapping of color and light as much as I do.

I like to think that anyone who approaches my art is a curious, profound person, a lover of life and nature , willing to read a painting not only with his eyes, but also through an empathic and emotional availability.

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