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Exclusive and precious furnishing creations,
made to embellish your spaces
and to bring your dreams to life.

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Art and Material.
Uniqueness & excellence
for your Home

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All furnishing accessories are important to give character, personality and emotion to your home.
Doors, kitchen countertops, bathroom and shower floors, stairs, floors.
Bespoke design, combined with art, really makes a difference!

Think, for example, about your dining room.
It is definitely the beating heart of your home.
A place where you welcome relatives, colleagues and friends; where you share with those you love, both everyday life and the most important events. This space must be welcoming, cared for, functional and pleasant to live. An extension of your taste and personality.

The protagonist of this environment is certainly the table, which becomes the very epicenter of the house.

Elements Design creates tables designed just for you, unique pieces of art, which blend with the style of your home and with the latest trends in contemporary art and design.
We carefully select the materials, colors and resins. They are essential details that work together to create harmony and balance between the elements.

We work mainly on commission, to create unique accessories in line with your needs and dreams:
this is true custom luxury design.

Do you want more information or a quote? Want to share with us your ideas o desires? Email us!

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