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AmArs Exhibition - Space Tolomeo

Milan, 13-27 October 2020



If you ask me to join an exhibition that focuses on the theme of love, nothing else

comes to mind, except to paint LOVE.

I started painting again thanks to my children, they are my main source of



They no longer live in the same dimension and the question is: can you love

someone who is no longer in our dimension?

Can anyone communicate with someone who no longer has anything earthly in

his being?


The answer lies in the soul: two souls as united as those of twin brothers, a mother

and a child, can touch each other even if their bodies, physically, cannot.


The soul is life force, energy, passion.

I represented the earthly soul and the celestial soul, two equal and opposite

forces that seek each other, that boil and push with all their energy, to go beyond

the limits of space and time, to meet and touch each other in a suspended moment, a magical moment, sacred, which rises above everything.

The movement, the noise, the force of gravity, which limits the bodies but can do nothing on the spirit.

Everything, in my work, accompanies the viewer on a journey towards the center, towards the Eternal Moment in which these two souls touch, in an infinite moment, where reality becomes a dream.

The edges of the canvas speak to us about dream. They surround the canvas and reproduces strong colors and bold hues, transforming them into shades. It delimits the space of the Encounter, closes the real outside of it, to give life to a space in which no one else is allowed to enter.


These two souls play and resonate in the canvas, I can almost hear their symphony. They are two souls that play in counterpoint.

The concept of counterpoint is described in a simple and perfect way by John Rahn, American musician and composer.

“It's hard to write a good song. It is even more difficult to write independently beautiful songs which, played simultaneously, sound like an even more beautiful polyphonic whole. The internal structure created by each of the voices separately must contribute to the emerging structure of polyphony, which in turn reinforces and comments on the structures of the individual voices. The way in which this is reached is the "counterpoint" ».




Contrappunto - Backstage

Colonna Sonora - Maurice Ravel  Daphnis et Chloé (suite n° 2) - Lever du jour

Contrappunto - Gallery

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