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Three organizations united for a common purpose!

A charity auction to raise funds for the Giacomo Ascoli Foundation and for children under treatment at the Departmental Structure of onco-hematology of the Del Ponte Hospital in Varese. November 12: the closing event at the Marcello Morandini Foundation.

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Teelent invited me to participate in a charity event in support of the Giacomo Ascoli Foundation.

The purpose of the Foundation is to offer children and adolescents suffering from onco-haematological diseases, medical assistance and psychological support as qualified as possible, to guarantee them greater chances of recovery and the best quality of life during treatment at the Departmental Structure of onco-hematology of the Del Ponte Hospital in Varese.


An online charity auction was organized, together with the Marcello Morandini Foundation and Teelent.

The artwork is an original painting by M.T. Barisi Morandini, "Angels". It will also be possible to win one of the 9 Art Puzzles numbered and signed by the artist.




- From 2 to 12 November 2022 - 4.00 pm: ONLINE AUCTION for the original work and the 9 Art Puzzles.


- Saturday 12 November from 10.00 to 18.00: BIG CONCLUSIVE EVENT OPEN TO ALL

at the Morandini Foundation (Via Francesco del Cairo, 41 - Varese)
16:00 Closing of the auction.
17:00 Proclamation of the participants who have won the original artwork and the 9 numbered and signed Art Puzzles.



During the day of 12/11 the artworks of 4 other artists will be exhibited, including The Dance of Dreams,

one of my artworks with a diameter of 80 cm (acrylic and resin on wood).

It seemed to me the most suitable work for this noble cause.

It is part of the Lollipop Collection, a collection with bright and strong colors that tells about play, that type of game capable of taking us into a surprising and colorful world. We have always been used to thinking that playing was an activity intended only for children.


Playing as adults, on the other hand, is good for the health of the body and mind, it allows you to feel free and to move energies that had by now been forgotten.

It is a way to regain possession of one's childhood, one's creativity, lighten up, recharge, change perspective.


People present during the auction will have the opportunity to vote on the artist they like most to create the artwork that will be auctioned in the next edition.

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