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Summer Art 2021 - 16th Edition
(Mazzoleni Art Events)

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If it is true what Goethe wrote that "there is no safer method to escape from the world than following art and no safer method of joining the world than through art", what place can be more suitable than the heavenly Forte Village Resort in Santa Margherita di Pula, to host a unique and precious artistic exhibition?

I will be present for the sixteenth edition of Summer Art, with three of my works: Water Kingdom, Abba di Vida (Water of Life in Sardinian Language) and The Love that moves the Sun and the other Stars.

The Exhibition is organized by Art Events Mazzoleni. In the shadow of the lush vegetation of Southern Sardinia, overlooking one of the shiniest beaches in the Mediterranean, the selected collection will also this year see the great artworks of illustrious masters such as Andy Warhol and Salvador Dalì, alongside those of talented emerging Italian artists.


A journey into the kingdom of water is an adventure in the deepest part of ourselves.
Entering into a relationship with water means encountering something
has always belonged to us.
You are navigating in an almost dreamlike dimension, between the real and the eternal,
in constant evolution.
We leave to look for answers, but the only way to find them is
to find ourselves.
To do this, we must rediscover and recognize our bond with water.

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Water of Life

Many people ask me why I often choose blue for painting.
Painting is an
instinctive act, an expressive need. I don't choose blue.
I have oceans inside, rivers in flood.
Sometimes the water is
calm, warm, the waves are light and almost imperceptible.
Sometimes, however, the wind is disruptive, the force of the water
is irrepressible and
overwhelms everything it encounters.
I don't choose. It is the sea that I have inside that decides how to flow out of me.


Love that moves the Sun and the other Stars

Do you feel how it burns? How does it feel alive?
It can be scary when it explodes in all its force.
And then we make it deposit slowly, in our inner sea.
But it c
ontinues to burn, tears open the defenses of the heart
leaves us unprotected.
It flows through the veins, healing the wounds.
We are made of the love we have given and received.
eternal love that cannot even snatch death from you.
This is
"Love that moves the Sun and the other Stars".

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