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Are you a Wedding Planner?
Are you planning your wedding or are you a guest?
Here's how to make it memorable!

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If you are a Wedding Planner you will want to know the benefits deriving from the union between the world of wedding and the world of art.


First of all, art has always been synonymous with elegance and refinement: propose it in your most important projects!

A contemporary work of art is a gift that excites! Not only that: it is certainly also an investment for your customers.


How to insert a work of art into a wedding?




1. In the Wedding List

I will help you choose the perfect artwork, the artwork of your dreams or I will create one specifically for you.

Share your tastes and your budget with me and we will understand together how to make the most of your spaces, even via video call.

The artwork you choose will remain in your home and will forever mark your new beginning together.

Every detail of the wedding list will be totally tailor-made. I will create a personalized page for you, where you will decide how many and which artworks to insert, the phrases to dedicate to the guests interacting on the page, your favorite photos with elegant and unique graphics.

The wedding list will be visible online and your guests will be able to see the artworks, buy them entirely or contribute with a share.

Online purchase with payment by bank transfer or credit card. The site is in Italian and English, therefore also accessible to international guests!

2. The Favors!

Give your guests a gift that can last over time and that, indeed, increases its value! A gift of prestige, which transmits your emotions, the emotions of this memorable day.

We create wonderful screenprints on fine paper, customizable, hand signed and in limited edition.

You will give an extremely important value to the object you are giving to your guests.

Do you have a bigger budget? We evaluate a silk scarf or tie made in Italy, with the prints of my works.

Get inspired! Look at the Scarves available in my Gallery Shop: Arctic and Loss of Gravity.

Do you have an idea or a request? Write to me and I'll try to make it for you!


3. Do you want to make a special gift to your future wife / husband?

Do you want a gift that symbolizes the unique bond that binds you to your partner? An original and unique work of art that thrills both of you is ideal for crowning the most beautiful day of your life! Tell me your emotions, your tastes, tell me your environments: I will create the perfect gift for you, which will leave your partner breathless!


4. Fed up with the usual gifts? Do you want to leave your mark?

I create small artworks for you to give to witnesses, bridesmaids or parents of the newlyweds. Choose your favorite color for each of them; let me write by hand, on the back of the artwork, a unique and personal thought, for the recipient of your gift. I will create a unique artwork with a dream packaging!

Do you have a smaller budget? We evaluate a numbered and signed print!


Read the article by Eleonora Tredici, Interior Designer, The advantages of choosing contemporary works of art for weddings (only italian language).

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