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Often our happiness and our fulfillment are severely tested by mental blocks that are difficult to dissolve. The mind and the heart do not speak to each other or they find it very difficult to do so and this lack of harmony makes us live badly, always in tension between what we want and what we consider rationally useful or necessary for our happiness.

These blockages prevent energy from circulating freely in the body and set the stage for feelings of inhibition and inadequacy.

Harmony is the union of these two worlds, a union necessary to take care, in the right way, of ourselves, our soul and our mind.


Technique: Acrylic on wooden panel

Dimensions: Diameter 60 cm, thickness 2 cm

Serial Number:


Each work is provided with a certificate of authenticity, signature  on the back and sealing wax stamp with the artist's initials.

  • Indications for Storage

    This work is entirely handmade, with high-end acrylic colors and high quality resins produced in Italy.

    The resin finish protects the work from UV rays and dust, giving the colors even greater light and brilliance.

    It is advisable to dust the work often, using a soft microfibre cloth, do not use water or other substances or cleaning products.

    It is not recommended to store the work near heat sources and in direct contact with sunlight.

    Contact me for more information.

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