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The Cathedral of Capri

The Cathedral of Capri

Do you believe in any kind of afterlife or after-death dimension?

I don't know if it really exists, but I know that if there is, you get there through a small opening full of light.

We are almost blinded, we do not understand where we are going, if we are arriving somewhere or if the light will never end.

But then the light goes out. And we are faced with infinity.

Have you ever been to Capri?

In Capri there is a cave called Grotta Azzurra, a miracle of nature!

You go by boat through a small opening in the rock, everything seems dark and black but, when you pass the entrance, an incredible spectacle opens up.

The color inside the cave is a bright blue, the most beautiful I've ever seen!

In the water no shadow, no darkness, a plate of blue glass from which sparkles and silver reflections arise.

This is how I imagine infinity, this is where I hope to float for eternity after this life.

A bit like in the Cathedral of Capri.


Technique: Acrylic on wood panel

Dimensions: Diameter 60 cm, depth 2 cm

Serial Number:

Certificate of Authenticity, serial number,  signature and sealing wax stamp with the artist's initials.

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