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The Crossing of the Heart

The Crossing of the Heart

The work is participating in the celebration of the 225 years of the Italian flag.

It is exhibited until the end of November at the Court of Varese.

The promo price indicated is dedicated to the sale of the work during the event and will be valid for purchases until the end of the event (end of November 2022).


The Crossing of the Heart  is one of the most famous and exciting stunts performed by the Arrows. 
A hymn to passion and love.

They remind us how these two immense forces can take us high, making us reach all the most difficult and demanding peaks of our life.
And it really is like this, in every time, in every place: it is always love that moves the world.

In my eyes, on this work of mine, the colors of the tricolor,   the tricolor smoke that spreads in the sky.
Initially distinct green, white and red, which gradually merge, losing intensity and slowly fading.
Hope, faith and love that come together and gradually become heaven.
A sky that reminds us how small we are, but  which pushes us to greatness.
A sky that reminds us that we are all inhabitants of the same earth and that,  together, we can do great things.

  • Caring for your artwork

    This work is entirely handmade, with high quality acrylic colors.

    The transparent finish protects the work from UV rays and dust, giving the colors even greater light and brilliance.

    It is advisable to dust the work often, through the use of a soft brush and possibly made with natural bristles.

    It is not recommended to store the work near heat sources and in direct contact with sunlight.