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Salty Dreams

Salty Dreams

SKU: #050921/TA

"Sogni Salmastri" is part of a new collection. A collection that tells about the artist not only through color, shades, reflections, but also through the material.


A material that is an extension of emotions and accompanies them out of the unconscious, out of dreams and carries them on the canvas, into reality.

You can touch them with your hand, you can feel their strength and fragility together.


"Salty Dreams" is an acrylic on wooden panel.

Diameter 40 cm, thickness 2 cm.

Resin finish.


The artwork is provided with serial number, artist's signature, certificate of authenticity and sealing wax stamp.


Each work is unique and unrepeatable, created by hand and cared for in every single detail.

Copyright: © Adreani Tiziana. All rights reserved.

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