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Journey Book

Journey Book

My artworks finally in a format that can accompany you every day: in your commitments, in your passions, in your work.

A Journey Book... because your life is a real journey.

Surround yourself with colorful people, with objects that express emotions, with fellow adventurers who know how to understand you, love you, stimulate you.

Love yourself, pamper yourself and never get tired of looking for your uniqueness.

Your journey is one, always find a way to make it sensational!

These notebooks have a hard eco-leather cover, printed in Italy, in high definition, to imprint the color vividly and faithfully to the original artwork.

Fine lined paper, a handy inside pocket on the back cover, a fabric bookmark and an elastic band to close the notebook and keep your most important notes safe!

Available in 3 colors and in a limited edition.

Do you want a dedication and the artist's original signature on it? Write it in the order notes.

Delivery by Christmas for orders before December 8th.

Give art, give emotions... enter the heart of those you love!

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