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Water Kingdom

Water Kingdom

SKU: 070521/TA

A journey into the kingdom of water is an adventure into the deepest part of ourselves.

Entering into a relationship with water means encountering something that has always belonged to us.

You navigate in an almost dreamlike dimension, between the real and the eternal, in constant evolution.

We start looking for answers, but the only way to find them is to find ourselves.

To do this, we need to rediscover and recognize our bond with water.


Kingdom of Water is visible at the Forte Village Resort in Sardinia (Covid Free Village), on the occasion of the 16th Summer Art review organized by Art Events Mazzoleni (1st July '21 - 7th September '21)


Technique: Acrylic on wooden panel

Dimensions: Diameter 80cm, depth 4.5cm

Serial Number:  070521 / TA

Each work is provided with a certificate of authenticity, signature  on the back and sealing wax stamp with the artist's initials.

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  • Caring for your Artwork

    This work is entirely handmade, with high quality acrylic colors.

    The transparent finish protects the work from UV rays and dust, giving the colors even greater light and brilliance.

    It is advisable to dust the work often, through the use of a soft brush and possibly made with natural bristles.

    It is not recommended to store the work near heat sources and in direct contact with sunlight.

    Contact me for more information.

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