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Printing - Harmony

Printing - Harmony

A print of an artwork is an excellent alternative to enhance your home with a unique and quality detail, but without investing in an original work.


Each print is limited edition, maximum 50 pieces.

Numbered and signed by the artist on the back.


The prints are made on Art Canvas Cotton White 390gr.

Digitally printed with bright colors and in HD, they are supplied without a wooden frame to leave the customer maximum freedom of choice to hang them in the traditional way by framing them or in a more modern and smart way simply in a frame under glass like a modern photo.


In any case, it is a perfect and elegant solution to bring art into your rooms.


Available in two sizes, 30X30 cm and 50X50 cm, choose the one that best suits your needs!


Have you fallen in love with an artwork and would you like a print of it? Write me and I can make it to order.

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