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Beauty, ingenuity, creativity allow us to achieve the impossible.

They allow birth, rebirth, growth, interior improvement of the individual and of society.

This is why I accepted, with honor and immense pleasure, Mario Mazzoleni's invitation to participate in such a majestic project, a prestigious contemporary art exhibition, in one of the most magical and beautiful cities in the world, Venice!


StArt 2021: more than 500 works on display, 1700 square meters where you can breathe emotions, wonder, where you can immerse yourself in colors and experience unique sensations!


Tickets are already available on Ticketmaster and will be available for the duration of the event.


Follow me on Instagram @tizianaadreani to support me in this and other projects, to know all the updates and the days when I will be present at the exhibition.

It will be a fantastic opportunity to know each other in person and see my works live.



I will bring two artworks to Venice.

One that I created especially for this project, made up of 5 round panels of different sizes. it is an unpublished work and it will be exhibited inside Area2, on a 100X350 cm wall. 

The other, on the other hand, is "Melt Time", a work to which I am very fond of and which I made at the end of 2020. 
It is an acrylic on wooden panel with a diameter of 100 cm, resin finish.


It will be presented in Area 1 of Art Terminal.

It is currently on sale on the Contemporary Art portal managed by the Mario Mazzoleni Art Gallery. 


Find all the details on my SHOP page


Are those chains I see? Why are you still here?

Are your shadows holding you to the ground? Welcome them and free yourself!

Do your fears make you suffer from gravity? Face them and soar!

You cannot give up, you still have fire inside, you still have water inside, you still have life inside.

I see in your eyes the flashes of bubbling dreams.

Take flight, spread your wings, your place is not here. Your place is in Heaven. Beyond the sky.

And then grab it, tear it open and uncover it. And continue your journey.

Even if the cold gets into your veins, even if the smell of freedom burns in your lungs.

Don't stop, don't give up. Break the sky and live the best life possible.

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Opera D'Arte Tutto è Uno - Start Venice 2021

The other artwork is an unpublished one, created specifically for StArt Venice 2021.

It will be exhibited on a 100X350 cm wall, inside Area 2 of Arterminal. I called the artwork "Everything is One",

and it is made up of 5 round wooden panels of different sizes: the central one has a diameter of 80 cm and a

thickness of 5.5 cm, the two middle ones have a diameter of 47 cm and a thickness of 4.5 cm.

The two smaller artworks have a diameter of 30 cm and a thickness of 3.5 cm. Resin finish.




Everything is energy, we are energy. An energy that runs through our body and keeps it alive.

We are immersed in its sea, intimately connected: what happens to one has an immediate impact also

on the others, regardless of the distance that separates them.

An energy that leaves our body, to return to the Whole that generated it.


A Whole that welcomes it again and over and over again before detaching itself

from it, again and again. Return to flow in space and time, to find new ways.

Roads that intertwine, that touch, on infinite paths, like invisible threads of light, in a continuous journey.

Then death does not exist.

Death is a change of shape and combinations.

We do not die, our energy continues to live and vibrate among

the infinite meshes of an uninterrupted network.

That is why we are ONE. That is why all is one.

"Everything is One" can be purchased in its entirety or separately. I believe that this choice is in line with the idea

that inspired me to make it and from which "Everything is One" was born.

Wherever the parts that compose it will be, everywhere in the world, the work will forever be part of a unitary Whole.


To better explain this concept, I refer to quantum physics and the phenomenon of non-locality: two or more particles,

generated by the same process or which have been in mutual interaction for a certain period, they remain in some way 

inextricably linked.

What happens to one of them immediately affects the other, regardless of the distance that separates them.


Did you know that the diameter of a silk fiber is about 10 nanometers? Immensely small, but its strength is surprising, with a tensile strength close to that of steel.

Foulard Seta Silk Arte Luxury Fashion Made in Italy Moda

Not only strength, but also a structure that allows light to be refracted from different angles: this is why it has such an iridescent appearance, which makes it unique.

These are the conditions that led me to decide to print my colors on silk.

At StArt you will find my 50X50 cm silk scarves, available in two patterns.

You will not be wearing a simple silk scarf.

You will wear light, strength and my emotions, transformed into color.

You are light, strength and emotion!

The scarves were created and manufactured by an Italian company based in Como.

They are delivered with a packaging designed and created by the artist herself.

Limited pieces, printed in limited edition .

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Foulard Seta Silk Arte Luxury Fashion Made in Italy Moda
Foulard Seta Silk Arte Luxury Fashion Made in Italy Moda
Foulard Seta Silk Arte Luxury Fashion Made in Italy Moda
Foulard Seta Silk Arte Luxury Fashion Made in Italy Moda
Packaging Made in Italy contemporary art Moda present regali
Packaging Made in Italy contemporary art Moda present regali
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